Hosting a Club trip is highly encouraged

  • Leader earns a coupon that can be redeemed the following year for a free Recreation membership
  • Trips have priority choice of equipment

First stepFill out the Trip Proposal form as soon as possible, but at least 2 weeks before a day trip and 3 weeks prior to an overnight trip. If it is your first trip you will need to attend a short training session.

To qualify as a Club Trip, the event must:

  1. be made available to the entire membership (once you fill out the form above, we will advertise your trip via email and on the website).
  2. made available to the entire membership
  3. have at least 2 weeks notice given for the trip, and
  4. have only SCC members on the trip
  5. Be approved by the division director

Boat rental fees for club trips: No charge effective Jan 7 2019 (Was $5/person/day)

Trailer rental fees for club trips: No charge


The Government of Canada provides free printable topographic maps here. Turn off your popup blocker to print.

Many outfiters and outdoor stores have maps that contain additional route specific details available for purchase. 

Click on the links below to see some trips that are close to the Saskatoon area.