Recreation Courses

2022 Courses

The following courses are open to SCC members only.

DateStart TimeEnd TimeLesson NameInstructor/VendorPriceLocation
Tuesday, May 1018:3020:30SCC Intro Canoe Clinic 1.1BHK Outdoor Experience$50.00John Avant Park
Wednesday, May 1118:3020:30SCC Intro Canoe Clinic 1.2BHK Outdoor Experience(part 2/2)John Avant Park
Sunday, May 1510:0015:30SCC Intro Canoe Clinic 2.1 & 2.2BHK Outdoor Experience$50.00John Avant Park
Tuesday, May 1718:0020:30SCC Intro Kayak Clinic 1.1Franny Rawlyk & Lauren Erickson$50.00Boathouse
Wednesday, May 1818:0020:30SCC Intro Kayak Clinic 1.2Franny Rawlyk & Lauren Erickson(part 2/2)Boathouse
Tuesday, May 3118:0020:30SCC Intro Kayak Clinic 2.1Franny Rawlyk & Lauren Erickson$50.00Boathouse
Wednesday June 118:0020:30SCC Intro Kayak Clinic 2.2Franny Rawlyk & Lauren Erickson(part 2/2)Boathouse
Saturday, June 409:0011:30SCC Intro Kayak Clinic 3.1Franny Rawlyk & Lauren Erickson$50.00Boathouse
Sunday, June 509:0011:30SCC Intro Kayak Clinic 3.2Franny Rawlyk & Lauren Erickson(part 2/2)Boathouse
Wednesday, June 818:3020:30SCC Intro Canoe Clinic 3.1BHK Outdoor Experience$50.00John Avant Park
Thursday, June 918:3020:30SCC Intro Canoe Clinic 3.2BHK Outdoor Experience(part 2/2)John Avant Park
NEW! Tuesday, June 2118:3020:30SCC Intro Canoe Clinic 4.1BHK Outdoor Experience$50.00John Avant Park
NEW! Wednesday, June 2218:3020:30SCC Intro Canoe Clinic 4.2BHK Outdoor Experience(part 2/2)John Avant Park
NEW! Tuesday, June 2118:3021:00SCC Intro Kayak Clinic 5.1Franny Rawlyk & Lauren Erickson$50Boathouse
NEW! Wednesday, June 2218:3021:00SCC Intro Kayak Clinic 5.2Franny Rawlyk & Lauren Erickson(part 2/2)Boathouse
Tuesday, July 518:3021:00SCC Intro Kayak Clinic 7.1Franny Rawlyk & Lauren Erickson$50.00Boathouse
Wednesday, July 618:3021:00SCC Intro Kayak Clinic 7.2Franny Rawlyk & Lauren Erickson(part 2/2)Boathouse
Sunday, August 1418:0020:30Paddle Canada Kayak Rolling Clinic 1.1Jim MacDonald$60.00Boathouse
Monday, August 1518:0020:30Paddle Canada Kayak Rolling Clinic 1.2Jim MacDonald(part 2/2)Boathouse