General Info

The Saskatoon Canoe Club has two divisions: 

Marathon - For those interested in paddling fast, efficient canoes using the sit-and-switch style, learning from world-class marathon paddlers, and gaining access to optional competitive races

Recreation - For those who just want to relax on the river, develop their skills for paddling recreational canoes/kayaks, or go on canoe/kayak camping trips throughout the province

You may join one division or both!

All memberships are good from the date of registration until the December 31 of the current year. The fee is currently $60 for the recreation division, $75 for the marathon division, or $90 if you are registering in both. Children under 18 are free and may only register with an adult parent/guardian. 

What does my membership include?

Benefits include:

  • Day use access to the club equipment (canoes, kayaks, paddles, PFDs, throw bags, etc.) from the Victoria Park boathouse as often as you like at no extra cost
  • Access to canoe and kayak courses for an affordable additional fee.
  • Opportunities to go on club-sponsored trips and lead day paddles, weekend paddles, and multi-day trips
  • Sport accident insurance coverage
  • Access to trip planning information and advice
  • The chance to meet others in Saskatoon who enjoy canoeing and kayaking
  • Discounts at supporters throughout Saskatchewan

Where does my money go?

From every adult membership:
  • $25 for SCC administration, which includes things like the boathouse rent, office supplies, promotion, professional fees, and equipment such as PFDs and trailers that are shared by both divisions.
  • $20 for membership in Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan, which includes insurance coverage.
  • $15 for membership in Canoe Kayak Canada (marathon only)
  • $15 for division-specific costs such as staffing, equipment purchases, and training courses. If you are a Recreation Division member, then Recreation gets $15; if you are a Marathon Division member, then Marathon gets $15; and if you are a member of both divisions, they each receive their respective $15.
  • In an effort to make paddling accessible to as many people as possible, the SCC does not charge membership fees for children under 18 and covers the $20/person Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan membership fee on their behalf.