General Info

The Saskatoon Canoe Club is divided into two divisions: 

  • Marathon - For those interested in some structured development and access to optional competitive races
  • Recreation - For those who just want to relax on the river

You may join one division or both!

All memberships are good from the date of registration until the December 31 of the current year. The fee is currently $55 for a single division or $70 if you are registering in both. Children 17 and under are free when registered with an adult. 

What does my membership include?

Benefits include:

  • Day use access to the club equipment (canoes, kayaks, paddles, PFDs, throw bags, etc) from the Victoria Park boathouse
  • Access to canoe and kayak courses for an affordable additional fee.
  • Opportunities to go on club sponsored trips and lead day paddles, weekend paddles, and multi-day trips
  • Access to trip planning information
  • The chance to meet others in Saskatoon that enjoy canoeing and kayaking
  • Discounts at supporters throughout Saskatoon

Where does my money go?

Every adult membership:

  • $25 is used for SCC administration, this covers things like the boathouse rent, office supplies, promotion, professional fee etc.
  • $15 (Recreation members) or $20 (Marathon members) for insurance from Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan.
  • Members of both divisions pay a total insurance fee of $20.
  • $10 or $15 for division specific costs such as equipment purchases and events. If you are a recreation division member then recreation gets $15, if you are a marathon division member then marathon gets $10, if you are a joint member then each division gets their respective amount from your membership fees
  • Children (17 and under) are funded out of whichever division funds their parent/guardians


Recreation Canoes

2Souris River Wilderness18 feet, kevlar, green, tandem, black aluminum gunwales, web seats
3Clipper Prospector17 feet, fibreglas, yellow, tandem, white aluminum gunwales, plastic bench seats
4Old Town Tripper17 feet, royalex, dark green, tandem, black vinyl gunwales, formed plastic seats
5Old Town Tripper17 feet, royalex, dark green, tandem, black vinyl gunwales, formed black plastic seats
8Swift Shearwater16 ft, kevlar, cream alum gunwales, sliding seat, single
9Mad River Guide14.5 feet, royalex, dark green, solo, black vinyl gunwales, wooden cane seat
10Swift Osprey15 feet, expedition kevlar, yellow, solo, black alum gunwales, sliding seat
11Clipper Ranger17 feet, fibreglas, red, tandem, black aluminum gunwales, molded plastic seats
13Clipper Tripper17.5 feet, fibreglas, white, tandem, silver aluminum gunwales, plastic seats
15Mad River Horizon17 feet, royalex, dark green, tandem
19Hellman Prospector17.5 feet, duralite, dark green, tandem, black alum gunwales, web seats
20Nova Craft Prospector16 feet, royalite, blue, tandem


Recreation Kayaks
1Swift Bering SeaYellow deck, white hull, seal line rudder system, composite (fibreglass), 15.8 feet, shorter and maneuverable
2Delta16 ft, fibreglas,/gelcoat layup, while hull, blue deck, skeg
3Deklta Tandem18.5 ft, fibreglas/gelcoat layup, white hull, red deck, rudder
12Current Designs StormYellow, polyethelene, rudder, 17 feet, larger cockpit size
14Current Designs SquallRed, polyethelene, rudder, 16.5 feet, smaller cockpit than the Storm
16Wilderness Systems Cape HornBlue, polyethelene, rudder, 17.3 feet, average size
18Necky Looksha IVYellow, polyethelene, rudder, 16.6 feet, average size
21Current Designs
Soltice GT Titan
Blue deck white hull, composite (fibreglass), 17.5 feet, larger size
22Seaward AscenteGreen deck, white hull, composite (fibreglass), 18.5 feet, larger and longer
23Venture ImpexPurple deck, white hull, composite (fibreglass/gelcoat), skeg, 16 feet, mid-sized
Other Equipment

The club also has the throw bags, paddles, PFDs, paddle floats, bailing buckets for use. Club equipmeng cannot be rented for personal use. They can only be rented for club sanctioned trips. If you are planning a club trip and need to transport several boats the Club has two trailers available. The larger trailer is capable of hauling six (6) canoes (even more kayaks), and has an open box for paddle and gear transportation. The smaller trailer will transport four (4) canoes or kayaks but has no provisions for gear and is only allowed on paved roads. Both trailers are stored off site and you must contact Equipment Manager to book one of them.

Club Rules

Here is a summary of the club rules and general etiquette.


  • By law, all canoes and kayaks of the type owned by the SCC must have:
    • One personal floatation device (PFD) or lifejacket for each person on board,
    • One sound-signaling device (e.g. a pealess whistle),
    • One bailer or one manual bilge pump,
    • One buoyant heaving line at least 15 m long (e.g. a throw-bag), and
    • If the boat is operated anytime between sunset and sunrise or in periods of restricted visibility, navigation lights (e.g. a watertight flashlight or headlamp)
  • It is illegal to operate a boat while impaired or while drinking alcohol. If you do so, you will be reported to the Saskatoon Police and your membership will be revoked. No warnings will be given. Requests to return to the club will be denied.
  • By law, due to its limited maneuverability, the Prairie Lily riverboat has the right of way on the river. Never travel or cross in front of it. Listen for its signals and be aware of its route for your safety.
  • All members must have an orientation each year.
  • Do not share the door code with anyone.  Boats and equipment are for members only. No one-time “guest” users.
  • Members under 18 years of age may only paddle:
    • With their parent/guardian, or
    • While supervised by an adult SCC member authorized by the parent/guardian.
  • Bikes may not be stored in the boathouse.
  • The club is not responsible for personal items left in the boathouse.
  • Upon review of the executive, the SCC reserves the right to revoke the membership of anyone that is not compliant with the club rules.
  • Members may only use equipment assigned to the division(s) to which they belong.
  • Recreation Division equipment is not to be used on bodies of water where ice is present.
  • Members new to the Marathon Division must attend a Marathon Div. group paddle before taking marathon equipment out on their own.
  • The Marathon Division’s safety boat and motor may only be used for club-sanctioned events as approved by the Marathon Director.
  • Boats must launch from and return to the boathouse dock the same day, i.e. no boats on the water at midnight.   
  • Boats may only be transported by vehicle away from or back to the boathouse for club-sanctioned trips approved by the executive.
  • Plan ahead with your partner how to lift a boat down. Get help lifting heavy boats.
  • Set boats down on rubber mats or grass only. Do not set or drag boats on concrete or pavement as this damages them.  
  • Sign out your Recreation Division boat by recording the following information in the place provided for this purpose:
    • The boat number,
    • The first initial and last name of each person in the boat,
    • The date and time of departure and the time of expected return
  • Prepare your boat and equipment before going to the dock. Launch immediately once at the dock.
  • Do not leave the SCC boathouse bay door open or unlocked while unsupervised.
  • Do not leave SCC equipment unsupervised outside the boathouse.
  • Do not rub paddles along the side of the boat.
  • On return to the dock, promptly take your boat to the grass and remove gear.
  • All boats must be washed inside and out after each use.  Place boats on SCC wash saddles outside the boathouse when washing them.
  • Squeeze out sponges and brushes and return to their marked containers.
  • Turn off the tap, leave hose rolled up, nozzle open, and in marked container.
  • Return boats to their assigned storage location.
  • Return all equipment and buckled PFDs to their designated places.
  • To indicate that you have returned all equipment to the boathouse, record your actual return time next to your sign-out information in the place provided for this purpose.
  • A key for evening use of the boathouse bathroom is kept on a ski pole next to the overhead door. Return it after use.
  • Advise equipment managers of any needed repairs.