This is a copy of an email sent to all members 2017-02-26. 

Hello former SCC member!

A quick reminder that Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan (CKS) is holding their AGM in Saskatoon on Saturday March 4. They have a lot of positions open for election, and although it is not mentioned below they are hoping for representation from recreational paddlers.

This is a good time to get involved in our provincial sport governing body because they have undergone many recent changes and are open to new directions, including more support for recreational paddlers.

If you are interested, please see the information below from CKS, including who to contact for more details. If you wish to have all the AGM documents forwarded to you, please email the SCC President at

If not, thank you for your time!

The SCC Executive


Positions open at the CKS AGM 2017:

Board of Director Positions, which hold a vote -


Vice President


Marketing Director

High Performance Director

Athlete Development Director

Committee Positions, which do not hold a vote within the Board of Directors but work as a group to bring forward their pillar's decision through the appropriate director. Please see Bylaws and Job Descriptions for a more detailed explanation.

3 positions on the High Performance Committee

5 positions on the Athlete Development Committee

5 positions on the Coaches and Officials Committee

Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan believes that all of our affiliated disciplines have very unique perspectives and would love to have as much diversity at our table as possible. At this time the Board of Directors meet on the last Tuesday of each month for approximately 2 hours. There are emails throughout the month and certain positions require more time attention than others. Committees have not been too active due to low numbers, our goal is to fill each committee. They would then meet when applications and/or issues arise that pertain to their pillar.

If you are interested in standing for a position please provide CKS with a 1-2 paragraph introduction to you which outlines your affiliations, board experience and reason for interest.

For more information or to submit your introduction, email Kia Schollar (CKS' executive director) at