The following email was sent out May 18

I would like to stress on behalf of the Saskatoon Canoe Club the following safety reminder.

Plan before you go, check wind-speeds and river-flows before you go.

The current flow rate exceeds 450 M³/S, which is navigable for intermediate skill sets and higher

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- If you are a novice paddler, use your best judgment. If the flow is higher than 250-300 M³/s you should paddle with someone who has moving water experience. High water speeds combined with strong winds / waves on the water means the risk of danger and personal injury increases.

- Many accidents happen when getting in or out of boats at the dock. This is also the most dangerous place to capsize. If the water looks unsafe or currently too challenging for your skills, do not go. This is for your safety.
- When launching, face the boat upstream against current with one person boarding at a time starting with the sterns-person.
- When returning, face upstream against current with last person out is the sterns-person.
- Paddle close to the shore line. Currents are slower, it's less windy, rescue is easier.

- If there is a capsizing incident, keep out of the moving path of the canoe or kayak. Stay with the boat unless there is an immediate danger that you can not pull the boat away from (weir, bridge pier, or other dangers). Safety equipment should be attached to part of the boat so you don't lose them. Attempt to recover the boat along the shore line by pointing the boat towards shore and swim/kick to ferry the boat to the shore using the current to assist you.

- If a boat does get loose and the paddlers involved are okay contact with your names and contact information, then call the fire department non-emergency number (306-975-3030) .

The paddling season is long. Novice paddlers will have many opportunities later in the year to access the river when the flow is slower and the river becomes easier to maneuver.

There have been a few incidents recently that have prompted this alert.

With safety in mind we ask everyone to exercise caution when using club equipment and to please plan ahead.

Eithan Pillipow

Recreation Director