The following reminder was sent 2019-08-28

2019 Saskatoon Canoe Club Recreation Members

As always, I hope everyone is having a great summer and have had many opportunities to paddle our beautiful river.

The following is a very important reminder to all members.

A non member is not permitted to use any SCC property. They are prohibited from accessing boats, occupying a seat in a boat, or to use any equipment provided to members by the Saskatoon Canoe Club.

Do not share door codes.

Do not write names of other members in signout books to avoid purchasing memberships.

Do not lie to our staff about having a membership.

Saskatoon Canoe Club operates on the trust that members will follow the laws, policies, and rules of the club as outlined in your orientation material.

Please be respectful to others. Respect that the club has obligations to its membership to provide access to boats for its valid 2019 members. Please also respect our Staff team, who both work very hard to ensure your padding season is awesome and safe.


Eithan Pillipow

Recreation Director