Hello member,

We have been staying up-to-date with developments around the COVID-19 pandemic and hope you are all keeping safe and healthy.

Please note that the boathouse will remain closed and the equipment off-limits until the situation becomes more safe, in which case we will notify our membership.

Based on current research, physical distancing guidelines and in accordance with our sport governing bodies we recommend people who have their own boats only paddle solo canoe/kayaks unless your partner lives in your household.

A recent study by Dutch and Belgian researchers (see link below) found potential virus transmission within "slipstreams" of runners and cyclists, recommending a minimum distance behind someone of 10 meters if running or cycling slowly. This study is not yet peer reviewed and we will continue to monitor developments following its release, but we wish you all to be informed of the potential risks of paddling in a tandem boat.

If the situation changes we will notify you, but in the meantime, stay safe everyone.

-the Saskatoon Canoe Club Executive

Belgian/Dutch research paper: