Exciting News!!!! We will be opening with limited hours starting TOMORROW May 24th. Please check our website calendar for times the Boathouse will be open.

The Saskatoon Canoe Club (SCC) has received permission from the provincial and municipal governments to begin operations at the boathouse on a modified basis.  The restrictions and guidelines in place change frequently, so SCC members should expect more changes during the 2020 paddling season.  For the time being, the SCC has adopted the following plan in order to comply with the various restrictions and to do what we can to keep everyone safe.

General SCC Policies

Recreation Division equipment will only be available for use while SCC boathouse supervisors are on duty at the boathouse.  The same goes for Marathon Division equipment, except in cases where marathon paddlers who regularly paddle outside boathouse staff hours make an application to the Marathon Director at marathon@saskatooncanoeclub.org to be trained in our new procedures.  Therefore, this season members will generally NOT receive the boathouse door code as had been the usual practice.  

All members must supply their own PFD and whistle.  Members who do not have this equipment and are unable to obtain it on their own may speak with a boathouse supervisor or email staff@saskatooncanoeclub.org to request assistance in acquiring a PFD for this season.  

Members are encouraged to bring their own paddle if possible.  SCC paddles will be available to those who do not have their own.

All new members (i.e. anyone who was not a member in 2019) must book an in-person orientation and attend that session before they will be permitted to use any equipment.  Members new to the Marathon Division must also contact the Marathon Director to receive a marathon-specific orientation prior to using Marathon Division equipment.

We suggest that members reside in the same household to paddle in the same boat together.

All group paddles and lessons are suspended until further notice.   

The public washroom at the south end of the boathouse is currently closed to our members and the public.  The City of Saskatoon has said it has no plans to reopen that washroom until Phase Four of the provincial reopening plan comes into effect.

Members must read and sign our new waiver. It includes a section on participating in activities that may put you at an increased risk to viruses and other illnesses present in the general public. You can view the waiver here.

Member Procedures at the Boathouse

Anyone who is ill, is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or has been otherwise directed to self-isolate must stay home and not come to the boathouse for any reason.

Check the SCC boathouse supervisors’ schedule prior to coming to the boathouse.  The schedule will be updated on a weekly basis.

If SCC staff are busy assisting other members when you arrive at the boathouse, please wait in line at the marked locations a minimum of 2 m apart from people from other households.  If there are already 10 people there, leave and come back in a little while (e.g. take a short walk in the park).

Do not enter the boathouse unless directed to do so by the boathouse supervisor.

When you get to the front of the line, use the hand sanitizer provided.

The boathouse supervisor will assist you in obtaining the equipment you need to paddle and will record your boat sign-out information and your expected return time.  If this is your first time using SCC equipment this season, you will be briefed on our COVID-19 procedures.

Take your equipment down to the dock and enjoy your time on the water.  Stay at least 2 m away from people in other boats, and do not paddle in another boat’s wake/wash.  If you’re close enough to hit somebody in another boat with your paddle, you’re too close.

When you return to the dock, bring your equipment to the grass in front of the boathouse.  The boathouse supervisor will record the time of your return and will let you know how to help wash your boat and prepare your equipment for disinfection.

The boathouse supervisor will disinfect the commonly touched parts of the boat and any other SCC equipment (paddles, bailers, bilge pumps, etc.) you used.

Use the hand sanitizer provided as you leave.