The following was emailed to all members 2017-10-06.

You are invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Saskatoon Canoe Club, November 6 at 7pm at JS Wood Library.

The executive of the club are volunteers and most have full time jobs. As always the club is looking for volunteers to be part of the team, so please consider putting your name forward to serve on the executive for the upcoming year. New people with different skills and ideas, or who want to learn new skills, help to keep the club vibrant and changing with the times. A good way to start is by being a Member-At Large. You come to executive meetings, learn more about the club and help out where and when you can. Also any member who wishes to do so can stand for election to executive positions that are already filled.

Saskatoon Canoe Club Annual General Meeting

JS Wood Library meeting room (downstairs)
Monday November 6, starting at 7:00 pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Refreshments provided.


7:00 Call to order
7:01 Approval of agenda
7:03 Review of previous years minutes
7:15 Reports by 2017 executive
7:30 Budget (including motion for review of books)
7:45 Discussion and vote on proposed motions (See below)
8:00 Executive elections
8:30 Adjournment

2017 Executive
President: Franny Rawlyk
Treasurer: Kate Germin
Secretary: Lori Mack
Membership Director: Richard Rance
Recreation Director: Eithan Pillipow
Marathon Director: Edith MacHattie
Equipment Director - Canoes: Brendan Haynes
Equipment Director - Kayaks: Austin Dyck
Social Director: currently vacant
Members-at-Large: John McClean, Trevor Robinson, Ann Poppoff


* That the SCC elect to not appoint an auditor for the 2017 fiscal year and instead appoint Gabriel Ng, Chartered Professional Accountant to conduct a review of the club’s financial statements for 2017.

* That a voting Saskatoon Canoe Club executive member may only be paid for work approved by a motion of the executive in advance of the work commencing.

The 2016 minutes can be found at