The following email was sent Aug 10, 2020 to recreation members who opted into the newsletter. 


This notice is to inform you about three upcoming club trips: 

  1. Fred Heal to the boathouse the morning of Aug. 19th,
  2. Outlook to Saskatoon Aug. 21st-23rd, and 
  3. Kingsmere Lake Aug. 23rd-25th.

Fred Heal Day Trip - Aug. 19th 

The group will meet at the boathouse at 7:00 a.m. to load equipment, drive the short distance to the Fred Heal Canoe Launch south of the city, and then paddle back to the boathouse. The distance on the river is about 20 km, and depending on the river flow rate, the weather, and the group's paddling speed it will take about 3.5 to 4.5 hours to get back to the boathouse. More information and the sign-up form are available on the SCC website

Outlook to Saskatoon - Aug. 21st-23rd 

A few friends in the Canoe Club want to take a nice trip down the South Saskatchewan River from Outlook to Saskatoon. The trip will be just as much about the company, the relaxation and enjoying our beautiful province as it will be about the canoeing. The group will leave Outlook the morning or afternoon of August 21st and arrive in Saskatoon the afternoon of August 23rd. Visit the SCC trips page for more information.

Kingsmere Lake - Aug. 23rd-25th

Baxter Kawula and Jordan Turcotte are leading this SCC club trip to Kingsmere Lake. The plan is to canoe the Bagwa Loop on one day and complete the 3 km round-trip hike to Grey Owl's cabin on the other day, weather permitting. The trip is not very difficult, but at least one person in each boat should be comfortable paddling in windy conditions and have some open-water experience. This trip involves backcountry camping and thus demands that every group has some wilderness camping experience and the appropriate gear. Overall, the trip is well suited for intermediate to experienced paddlers or ambitious beginners who are willing to learn. More information is here.